Your baby's twins

Congratulations - you have a baby! You are so consumed with the new addition to your life, that you usually miss the existence of a few other 'personas' born with your baby. We are here to turn the spotlight, just for a few minutes, to the new YOU that will live with you from now and until... forever. Even when your child will grow up and leave the nest - these personas will stay in your life:

The guilty parent:
You try to do everything right, but there is just so much to do... You can manage it all, and you have to prioritize. Makes sense, right? of course, if you use your mind to answer this question. But if you ask your heart - you will forever feel blame for the things you didn't dedicate enough time and attention to.

The non understanding:
For a brief moment you may think you have it all figured out, but very fast you will learn that although you did everything you possibly could and you did it RIGHT - there are still complaints. There will be complaints from you, and soon enough from your child: why?! how come?! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!
welcome to life as a parent. You will never understand.

Rich Dad Poor Dad:
No matter how much money you have, you will never have it right. You may have too much, and spoil your child. Or you will not have enough and will not be able to match what "everyone has". Whatever it is, the swings between too much and too little will rock your world almost every day.

The annoying parent:
Face it - you are annoying. Even if you are doing your best not to be, even if you're the best parent ever, there will still be moments that your child will look into your eyes and scream: YOU ANNOY ME! Horrible tantrum, crying for hours into the pillow, whatever it will be - it will be because you said or did something that you believe in, and your child didn't accept. Tough.

The loving parent:
You will love your child. Whatever they do, whoever they will be, wherever they are. Love might tear your heart, fill your soul, for better or for worse. As soon as your child is born your are in love, even if you don't know it yet. Even if it will take time for you to feel it, and at times you might lose it and imagine it's a nasty stranger - it is not. It is your flesh and blood. Forever.