The color of your eyes might reveal much more about your soul than you think

According to common knowledge your eyes are a window to your soul. They can tell a lot about your inner being, your thoughts and who you truly are. Your eye color may say a lot about your personality, attitude and spirit. Here are the six most common eye colors and the character traits associated with them. Find out what your eye color says about the inner you.

#1 Dark Brown/Black


The most common eye color worldwide is Black or dark brown eyes, which means that it covers a wide range of personality traits. However, there are some specific distinctions that can be made as far as what they say about you. Your soul has existed for countless years, even though your body might have been reborn time and time again. Your soul remembers all your past lives and becomes wiser with time.


If black or dark brown is your eye color it's likely that your soul has experienced many events throughout the years, and that had contributed to the wisdom that comes with understanding how this world works. You are likely to have a kind, warm, and open soul. The wisdom your soul had gained throughout the years contributes to a calm, gentle, and nurturing spirit. Your soul has experiences ups and downs, misery and delight, and knows that ultimately there is a balance in the universe, That profound knowledge will help you get through the toughest times while helping others as well.

#2 Violet


Violet eyes are quite uncommon and your chances of finding someone with the same eye color as yours, who isn't a family member, are quite slim. That means that your soul is relatively young and hadn't been around for that long. It might even indicate that your body is actually the first one your soul inhabits. Being young, it's natural that your soul is filled with curiosity.


Your soul wishes to explore this universe and is hungry for new experiences. Your soul would encourage you to make the most of life, ignore trivialities and to seek out new people, see new places and make new friends. For you life is about accumulating experience and knowledge. Your soul will urge you to explore and absorb as much as possible and appreciate the best each life time can offer. 

#3 Green


Green is another eye color that is not so common. Green is obviously the color of nature and it highlights your direct connection to the world, undistorted by false perception and intellect. Your eye color expresses high self-awareness a soul that truly knows what it wants. You possibly feel at your best when you are surrounded by nature, undistracted by the hustle and bustle of modern life.  


If your eyes are green it's likely that your soul will drive you towards nurture and care. Like nature your soul is clean and pure. Your soul will urge you to help those who are close to you asking in return loyalty and trust. You will always feel compassion for those who need help and will go a long way to console and comfort them. As a result your gentleness and the nurturing spirit will define your soul.

#4 Grey


Grey eye color indicates mysteriousness and ambiguity.  Falling between both extremes of black and white it will not fit the clear pattern of either. This ambiguity makes it harder to determine with precision what your inner self is like for anyone else. Only you can tell what it is your soul desires. It's the soul's equivalent of wearing dark shades. This means that you are truly on your own finding your way around the world. Your soul will not conform to the norms of society and might even rebel against any authority trying to restrain it.


Your soul might be in a constant inner battle since you see the ambivalence is every situation. Whenever you are in conflict, your soul will decide where to go and what to do independently and sometimes even unexpectedly. 

 #5 Blue


Blue is a color that induces calmness, think of staring at the sky or the ocean. It reflects the hugeness of nature, spreading as far as the eye can see to the horizon. Blue eye color indicates a soul that had seen much of this world and can maybe even sense it beyond its physical limitations. If your eyes are blue, your soul is likely to be old and wise. It is an ancient soul that has seen much and both appreciates and understands the limits of this universe.


Your soul has an unusual scope of knowledge having traveled far and wide in its constant search for finding wisdom. The blue color of your eyes indicates that your soul will drive you to seek calmness and tranquility and will use all that it had learned to achieve this,

#6 Light brown


Brown is the color of the earth, and it indicates a soul that is sound firm and strong. Your soul naturally stays true to its origin and seeks stability in an ever changing world. It signifies that you stand firmly on your own two feet which means you will not be easily led astray by vanity, fantasy and unrealistic expectations.


You will always have a firm grip regarding who you are and where you are heading. Your soul is grounded in reality, and often reflects gentleness, kindness and unpretentiousness. It will keep you from conceit and arrogance even at the height of success. You will always be deeply connected to your roots, to your home, to the experiences, and to the people and the places that formed you into who you are.