Two Questions That both Schizophrenics and Geniuses Can answer at a Glance but Might Perplex Normal People

We all know the tests psychiatrists employ to examine patients such as the Rorschach test, drawing interpretations. These tests are intended to diagnose mental and developmental problems, but we doubt you've ever seen the following personality test before.
These two questions, which might leave most people somewhat baffled, can be solved at a glance by both Geniuses and schizophrenics.
Before you rush off to see how you do on this test, it's important that you answer instinctively without over-thinking the answer.

This is a personality quiz, not a collage exam. Concentrate on what you see, not what you think it should look like. Only this way the results can truly reflect your personality.

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1. Is the mask convex only on one side, or on both?

2. Does the mask rotate in one direction or in both?



1. The mask is convex only on one side.

2. The mask is rotating to the right.

Don’t worry if you got both questions wrong.

That means you are a healthy person. If one of the answers was too obvious to you, it might be advisable to undergo further diagnostic tests conducted by a professional.

In fact, a healthy normal brain is wired toward self-deceit. It takes into account artificial forms and shadowing, and adjusts the picture using logic and imagination to approximate what the picture should look like. We instinctively accept this illusion and interpret it as being a true picture whether we want to or not.
Schizophrenics do not have the ability to do that. Their brain is unable to connect the details into a logically coherent image. They tent to perceive the picture as it really is. They see a concave mask that rotates in one direction.

So what is the difference between a genius and a schizophrenic? 

Surprisingly, schizophrenics and geniuses aren't that different. However, there is a major distinction between the two.

Genius personalities use two types of thinking: that of a healthy person as well as the schizophrenic one, they can use both types of thinking and are able to switch between them. They see the illusion the same way a normal person would, but they also see the illusion for what it is. They can stop perceiving the illusion at will.