10 Year Old Rape Victim Gives Birth Without Realizing She Was Pregnant

On a Tuesday, a girl whose name cannot be revealed due to legal reasons began to complain about severe stomach pains in class. The pain was so bad that the girl was immediately rushed by a medical team to a nearby hospital.

In the emergency room, doctors soon made the horrible discovery that the girl was seven months pregnant and going through latter stages of labor. The girl gave birth soon afterwards, 
Despite the girl's young age and the premature birth, the baby was born healthy without complications. Both mother and baby are still in recovery at the hospital.

The girl’s family says that even the girl herself did not know she was pregnant.

According to the police department spokesman, the girl's mother alleges that considering the child’s small frame she and other family members were completely unaware of her condition.


The girl herself confessed to her mother after the birth: that she had been sexually assaulted by her forty year old stepfather. Upon learning this, the mother immediately informed the authorities. The girl said  that the stepfather had threatened to murder her entire family if she told anyone about his sexual assault.

The stepfather, not living with his family at the time was arrested immediately, and confessed to the allegations,  He is being charged with child rape and possession of an illegal firearm.
In her statement to the police, the girl’s mother said her daughter begun to fail at school and had that she had maintained distance with her friends and family since October 2014, something that might suggests that she girl abused for the past three years, when she was only seven years old.

Child pregnancies are can be life threatening to both mother and baby, and girls under the age of 15 are five times more likely to die during labor compared to adults. As, they may experience complications such as premature, prolonged or obstructed labor,  eclampsia, fistula, and anemia ,among others, since their bodies are not yet fully developed.

Given that many cases are never reported, accurate child abuse statistics are practically impossible to obtain,  but according to official statistics its estimated that one in five girls and one in twenty boys are victims of sexual abuse and child rape. According to research the most vulnerable age groups are those between seven and thirteen years old.

Three out of every four victims are assaulted by someone they know, such as family members or close authority figures.
The effects of child molestation have far reaching psychological consequences beyond the immediate physical trauma of an attack.

It may lead to a pattern of victimization, depression, low self esteem and even suicidal thoughts as well as other disturbing emotional issues.
If you suspect child that may be at risk of sexual abuse, do not hesitate to tell the authorities immediately.

Despite the risk of false accusation, the safety and wellbeing of a child is of the utmost importance.

For more information watch the video below about a similar case.