Easy Exercises That Couch Potatoes Will Love

If you’re a self-confessed couch potato, you’re probably spending way too much time in front of the TV digging into your favorite snacks. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at the same time — and no, reaching for the remote control doesn’t count!

Why Exercise is Essential

The health benefits of exercising apply to everyone. Research links hours of inactivity to serious health conditions, so any bonus exercise you can squeeze into a day helps quicken your metabolism and keep you healthy. There’s even a word for exercising near or on your couch — “couchersizing.”  If you don’t want to miss a scene from your favorite program, couchersize during ad breaks. You can fit in a full body training session and will snack less! 

Get Couchersizing

Here are 3 super exercises you can do during breaks that also cater to beginners:

Break 1 - Pushups

Work your chest and arm flab by kneeling upon the floor 2 feet from the couch, facing it. With hands shoulder-width away from each other and ankles crossed, bend arms slowly, lower the upper body till your chest reaches the couch, hold, and press up once more. End with jumping jacks.

Break 2 - Side Crunches

Lie down on the couch on your left, legs together, knees bent. With elbows pointing to the ceiling, right hand at the back of your head, and left arm over your waist, squeeze the diagonal muscles on your right side. Raise your shoulder, bring your rib cage towards your hip, then hold, lower, repeat, and switch sides. 

Break 3 - Armchair Stand-Ups

Great for the front of your thighs and butt. Perch on the end of your chair with feet placed shoulder-width apart. Try getting up by just pushing with your feet into the floor without using your arms. Contract those butt muscles, back straight, abs tight, hold, lower yourself, and just before you reach the chair, try stand up. 

There are loads of exercises that can raise your heart rate, build abs, shape your waist, tighten flab, and more. Ok, so you might not win at the Olympics, but you can get fitter, healthier, and change how you feel about yourself!