Things Women Do That Men Find Irresistible

Women are the most wonderful and powerful creatures in the world, especially when they make men fall in love with them. However, women can sometimes upset, hurt or provoke a man. 

And it’s true, women have some annoying habits like trying out an entire clothing store while her man sits aside and wait, secret convos with her girlfriends or taking forever to get ready before leaving the house. 
However, despite some irritating traits, there are some female habits that drive men absolutely crazy in love with them. 

When you put your head on his chest

When a woman puts her head on her lover’s chest, it makes him feel like a real man that gives his partner a sense of security and comfort.

When you play with his hair

When women casually play their man’s hair or pet their head, men see this as an expression of love and a need to touch and feel your loved one.

When you show some PDA

Showing just the right amount of PDA can do wonders to your relationship. Little gestures like a hug, a kiss, fixing his hair or shirt will show closeness between you and will make his heart beat faster!

When you dedicate a song to him

Even if you’re not the best singer and you’ll never make it to Hollywood on “American Idol”, for him, you ARE the star. A song from you to him is super cute and can take his breath away! 

When you send cutsie love texts 

Sending a short and loving text to your man while he’s hanging out with friends will make him feel real good. Sexting will make him feel even better!

When you compliment him on facebook 

Funny tags and flattering comments online are always a great idea. Men like feeling that they’re being appreciated. And if all their friends can see, it’s even better. 

When you take initiative 

Who said that men are the only ones that needs to take initiative? A man can not resist a woman that’s taking charge in bed, try it and you’ll see!

So if there’s something on this list that you’re not doing, this is go time!