How You Like It In Bed, According To Your Sign

There is no doubt that each sign has slightly different likes and dislikes, and that absolutely applies to the bedroom. Every sign has different preferences when it comes to what they prefer in bed. So what does every sign likes between the sheets? 


Capricorns are known for being very serious, but actually in the bedroom they like to let it loose.
Their favorite position is when their partner is on top, which increases intimacy. 
They like to stare into their partner’s eyes and they don’t feel even a bit embarrassed about it.



This sign is known to be bold and audacious, so don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself not only in different acrobatic positions but also in different locations!
In the shower? Maybe during a walk in the park? Just don’t forget to bring a soft blanket.


The sign of romance, the one that likes it when things get really hot.
Their favorite position shows the intense intimacy that they crave for - they want every part of you to be close to theirs. They love to look into their partners eyes and that’s the way they create this unmistakable fire. 



The independence and courage that Aries have in real life also proves to be helpful in bed. 
They’re not afraid to take risks and try new things. Their favourite position includes a specific prop that takes up alot of space. Yes, we’re talking about a certain swing… a swing that can take your sexual relationship to the next level (towards the ceiling). 


The way they are in life aligns with how they are in bed. They are very direct and giving.
They enjoy spending some naughty time with their partner but not necessarily in a crazy way. 
That’s why their favorite position is the good ol missionary position.


Their creativity is unimaginable, and that definitely says a lot. Their curious and naughty nature is shown in the bedroom. Their favorite position is lying on their back with their legs are up in the air like they just don’t care.


Expect the unexpected with this one. Their mood tends to be extreme, and so is a sexual relationship with them. That’s why their favorite position is doggy style, where the faces are far away from each other and it keeps them from having any unnecessary emotional outbreaks.



Drama and curiosity, that’s what they’re like between the sheets.
They like to be bold but yet playful, that’s why their favorite position is from the side. That way they can hug and cuddle their partner without any space between them.


Virgos want to protect themselves from uncontrollable impulses. That’s why their favorite position is the missionary position, but the one in which you’re standing up, which symbolizes control.


They are so cute with their constant need to kiss every part of their partner’s body - This is how they show they enjoy themselves! Their favorite position is sitting down, so you could feel and cuddle your partner while looking right at them.



Insatiable desire,curiosity and prowess like no other! You know that bouncy ball that people use for yoga? If you don’t you should, because that’s exactly what they like! A position that's playful and filled with energy.


Sagittarius are usually people who have a free spirit, filled with lust. Their favorite position is lying on their backs, just waiting to wrap their legs around the person they love and feel the closeness and desire.


You’re still here? Because we believe it’s officially bedtime!