5 Things That Happen To Our Body After A Break Up

Ending a relationship with someone you love is a difficult time in everyone's life. Emotional feelings, worries, and hysteria that affect our body directly. What happens to our body when it's all over?

Anxiety And Sleep Problems

People need communication with other people, when we lose a significant source of communication, we feel pain. The attraction to him grows stronger. Research shows that pain after separation activates the same part of the brain as the dependence on cocaine.

Pain In The Chest

Studies show that people who have separated recently have the same nerve signals that cause physical pain - for example in a situation when someone pours boiling water on himself and gets burnt. Often after separation, we feel physical pain in the chest. After the separation, our hearts begin to clench. Someone who is at risk and suffers from heart problems may not be able to cope with the stress. Because of the effect of adrenaline on the heart, there may be an irregular heart rate and there is a high chance of a heart attack.

Problematic Skin

In addition to the fact that a depressed person is less likely to nurture himself after the separation, stress hormones affect the skin's condition. This can lead to acne and even hair loss.

Muscle Pain

Depressed people tend to get injured more than usual. Because of stress, they may get muscle cramps. Later, the muscles can lengthen and stiffen, causing pain in different areas of the body.

Loss Of Appetite And Weight Gain

Often after a separation, we suffer from lack of appetite. But in the long term, separation becomes a reason for gaining weight. Because of the stress, the cells become less sensitive to insulin, the body begins to produce it in large quantities, which also increases the rate of fat cell culture. Also, weight gain can be related to insomnia and lack of physical activity. Under pressure, disruptions begin in the digestive system, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.