10 Ways To Get Your Relationship Out Of A Rut

It is normal for couples to feel that their relationship is in a rut, especially for couples who have been together for a long time. Couples get bored, feel demotivated, lose the spark, fight a lot more than the usual, and go through a period of less intimacy. When you find yourself in this situation, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your relationship. It just so happens that your relationship fell into a routine and you might haven’t be spending quality time together as a couple because of your commitments outside the relationship.

There are so many ways to get out of that rut and save your relationship:


Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Talk about your issues so that you could work them out together. Your partner may not be aware about your issues and you may not be aware of your partner’s issues. You may not be aware of how you feel about each other. It’s best to talk things through and openly share about what you need from each other. Also express the things that you love about each other every once in a while to make each other feel appreciated.

Plan an Adventure Together

Get out of that routine and plan a trip together. Making future plans is exciting and can give you that boost or energy that you might be lacking. Go to a place that you have never been to or do an exciting new adventure that you both haven’t tried. This could spice things up. Besides, traveling together as a couple is the ultimate test of how you can stand each other especially if you go through all the hassles of travel and survive them together.

Try Some New Activity or Something New in Bed

Get out of that boredom by trying something new. Variety can spice things up. Do something different on your next date instead of doing the usual. Try to mix up your routine each week. Also try to spice things up in bed. Try a new position, do it in a new place, or do it spontaneously. Ask each other about what you are looking for when it comes to sex. 

Make Small Gestures

Make small gestures even if there is no occasion. Give your partner a gift, surprise your partner, or cook your partner’s favorite food. Small surprises and simple things to show appreciation can help enhance the quality of your relationship.

Workout Together

Exercise gives you endorphins to make things more positive and exciting. The increased hormone and testosterone from exercise also leads to greater arousal, that’s why couples who workout together have better sex. Working out can elevate your sex drive.

Recreate Your First Date

Going back to the place where you had your first date can bring back the spark in your relationship. It will remind you why and how you fell in love with each other.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Going back to those places where you had the best memories together can make you both realize how valuable you are to each other. It makes you think about how much you enjoy each other’s company and how much you treasure each other.

Have Time for Yourself

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship. Self-love is important in order to achieve personal happiness and positivity. You cannot love another person if you cannot love yourself. Have a “me time” every once in a while to keep you sane.

Make Plans with Friends

Break away from routine by going out with friends. You can either go out with your own friends or plan a double or group date to make it more fun. Having social interaction outside your relationship can keep the bond stronger. It creates a balance in your social life.

Do a Couples Therapy

You may need external help in order to heal your relationship and work things out together. Going through therapy may be necessary and reasonable.