What Your Sitting Posture Reveals About Your Personality

Everyone has their own body language. Whether you are aware of it or not, you pay attention to the way people around you communicate with their body language. Your body language in the same way defines to a really great extent the way other people relate to you. A flawed body language can make you look insecure even when you’re telling the truth, it can also make you come across as an unfriendly person even if you speak kindly and have a warm personality. Your whole body posture is an expression of your body language and says a lot about your thoughts and your personality.

The following sitting posture will help you understand your personality better.

Posture A

If you sit with your knees together and your toes turned inside, you are very likely to be a charming and ingenious person. You might seem a little playful sometimes and speak ahead of your thought processes but this does not change the fact that you come across to others as cheerful. You are fun to be with, even if you have the tendency to act like your problems don’t exist.

posture A

Posture B

You might be a dreamer if you tend to cross your legs while seated. There is a thing with people who cross their legs as they often come up with different and resourceful ideas that make others wonder. It just means you have a strong sense of imagination. You can’t stand being idle or confined for too long in a place, or by a job, people and relationships. You are also a friendly person and you have many friends to prove this.

position B

Posture C

Sitting with your legs apart is often a sign that you are a troubled person with a lot going on in your life. There is a always something wrong whether at home, work or even your relationships and these do not allow you to focus on what is really important. But instead of being swallowed in all these drama you are inspired to step up and be a better person. Your comfort is important to you. You love jeans and casual wears and rather than dress clothes.

position c

Posture D

You are a put-together person if you sit with your legs straight. You are tidy, well organized and intelligent but can be touchy at times. Your sitting posture means that you prefer to keep to yourself and have peace. You find a strange comfort in your insecurities but will come out once in a while if you feel the need to make a point or correct someone. This sitting posture can also be an indication of nervousness or anxiety but you can take the initiative when the need arises.

position d

Posture E

If you sit with your legs together and angled to the left or right side, you are likely a person who believes that nothing happens by chance. You love to take things a step at a time and will seek to finish one before starting another. You desire to complete your education and have a grip on your career before you take on another project. Your goals are high but you work hard to make them realities. Appearances are important to you so you are always suitably dressed. Others think you are immune to criticism but it hurts when they put you down.

position e