Mental Strength - The 10 Commandments

We all would like to think that we are mentally strong, the type of person that can handle life with ease and grace. unfortunately, sometimes life has a different plan for us, with its struggles and hardships that are sometimes hard to accept. 
So what makes people mentally strong? Here’s our list

They Don’t Spend Time Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Mentally strong people don’t just sit and feel sorry for their troubles and the circumstances that brought them to this situation. They will always take responsibility for themselves, and realize that life isn't always easy, or fair.

They Don’t Lose Their Control

Mentally strong people don’t let other people take advantage of them, or give up their power. They’ll never say “my boss makes me feel bad” because they know that they’re the ones in control of their feelings, and feeling bad about something is a choice.

They’re Not Ashamed To Make Changes

Change is a part of life, and in fact it can be a blessing. Mentally strong people embrace change, they’re willing to be flexible because they know that their ability to adjust to new circumstances is what makes them who they are.

They Don’t Spend Energy On Things They Can’t Change

You won’t hear a mentally strong person complain about traffic, or a lost suitcase at the airport. Instead, they focus on what they can change, like their attitude to life events.

They Don’t Try To Please Everyone

Mentally strong people realize they can’t please everyone at the same time, and aren’t afraid to say no. They try to be fair and kind to others as much as they can, but they know how to handle it when people disapprove of their actions.

They Don’t Dwell On The Past

Mentally strong people don't dwell on the past, or wish they could do things differently. They recognize their mistakes and learn from them, but they don’t daydream or fantasize about the past. Mentally strong people live in the now, with their eyes to the future.

They’re Not Jealous Of Other People

Mentally strong people are happy for someone else’s success. They don’t feel jealous or offended when someone else is more successful than them. They realize success comes with hard work, and are willing to work hard themselves to achieve their own success in their own way and time. 

They Don’t Give Up After Failure

Mentally strong people understand that failure is not a good enough reason to quit. They see it as an opportunity to grow and be better, they keep trying until they get it right. 

They’re Not Afraid To Be Alone

Mentally strong people know themselves well enough to be alone. They’re not afraid to be quiet or face their inner demons. They simply enjoy their own company. 

They Don’t Expect Instant Results

Whether it’s growing their business or getting back in shape, mentally strong people know that success might take a little while. They put in their best effort and always continue working hard, but they don’t expect results to show instantly.