First Five Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Did you know that colon cancer is especially common in developed countries? If you love eating meat and fried foods, you love sweet pastries and tend to eat less fresh fruits and grains, then you are in the risk group.

Colon cancer goes through four stages and develops very slowly.  If you have been diagnosed in one of the early stages, your chances of recovery are quite high.

Here are the first five symptoms of colon cancer:

Excretions of blood in the stool

These can be either very clear or stringy.



In the abdomen and in the area of the anus. The pain can be different – isolated or continual and severe.


Digestive disorders

Constipation, diarrhea, frequent bowel movements or delayed ones – these are all worrying signs. Sometimes the bowel movements themselves are multi-layered. This is an indication of polyps along the intestinal walls.


A bloated stomach

Combined with lack of control over the release of gases and an urgent need to go to the bathroom without any real result.


The deterioration of a person's health

As manifested by various signs, from pallor to general weakness