Why Your Face Breaks Out

The truth is this: acne can be really annoying but you’re not alone in this, as about 40-50 million American citizens are affected, says the American Academy of Dermatology. This, of course does not lessen the gravity in any way.

There are many factors that can trigger acne; a basic cause is the excess production of oil. This oil can also be blocked by hair follicles resulting in clogged pores. Clogged pores also encourage the growth of bacteria and can lead to acne. Apart from these and genetics that determines the body’s response to hormones and how it leads to acne, there are certain things you do every day that can cause you to break out or even worsen your acne.

Below are some of the most interesting and unexpected causes. Read through carefully, you just might see something interesting.

Your Guy Has A Beard Which Makes Him Irresistible

Making out is great but your man's beard, as good as it feels to the touch, does not do your lovely face any good as you rub against each other. What really does happen is that as you make out with each other, his beard rubs against your smooth face and cause an irritation as the spiky ends of his beards stimulate the production of more oil. You end up with more spots than you started out with and maybe some beard burns too.

Suggestion: You can ask him to please shave his beards regularly so he can have a beautiful face to look at and touch. He can also keep it trimmed regularly instead and conditioned with coconut oil to reduce the abrasive effects if the beard ends that prick you and leave you acne prone very time you kiss.

You Love Spicy Foods

This is a good thing if you do not consider the fact that spicy foods have lots of peppers. Peppers contain lycopene acid which can aggravate acne and trigger breakouts foe some people. It’s not just the spice in foods that your skin can react to, it can also be irritated by milk and milk products, white flour, sugar and related foods, depending on your skin type.

Suggestion: Do without spicy foods for a while and see what happens. Try and create a food diary, note the foods that regularly occur and stay off them for a while to be able to figure if you are reacting to any one of it or a certain ingredient. A food diary will also help you monitor what goes into your mouth and your reaction to it. If a certain food or ingredient irritates you, tiny whiteheads will pop out and you’ll know it.

Skin Care And Cosmetic Products That Contain Ingredients With A Tendency To Clog Pores

Silicone and mineral oil (from petroleum) are examples of ingredients to watch out for before you purchase your cosmetics. As good as they might be, they are not for you if you are already at risk of breaking out easily.

Suggestion: Use only cosmetic products that have the “non-comedogenic” label. This means the product will not clog your pores. But if you still break out while using non-comedogenic products, it might be a reaction to one of the ingredients used in formulating it. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist.

You Take A Steady Overdose Of Spot Treatments To Keep Your Acne In Check 

Topical OTC treatments like salicylic acid and sulphur can proffer temporary relief but can cause your skin to dry out over time. A dry skin will try to make up by producing more oil and so the acne cycle continues again and may become worse than you started out with.

Suggestion: Ditch spot treatments. You can use hydrocortisone creams instead on your blemishes to reduce the irritation, conceal with a non-comedogenic concealer and you’ll be good to go

You React To Regular Hair Products

Hair products are manufactured with your hair in mind but because it is sometimes impossible to keep them on your hair alone, the cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning agents that make up your shampoos, conditioners and hair lotions find their way into your pores and clog them. you are left with acne along your hair, back and chest to show for it.

Suggestion: When washing and conditioning your hair in the shower, tilt your head over to the side to keep the product's residue off your face, chest, and back as you rinse it away. And be sure to wash your face last when you're in the shower to make sure you haven't accidentally gotten any product on your skin that could break you out later.

You Are A Smoker

Each cigarette you light reduces the amount of oxygen intake your face is entitled to. The chemicals in the smoke are irritants and can dry your skin, causing it to produce more oil to make up for the dryness. Your skin can break out as a result. Smoking also leads to loss of collagen and elasticity which reduces the firmness of your faces and allows your pores to appear larger. Your chances of cancer and aging early increase with every cigarette.

Suggestion: Stop smoking. Your skin will thank you with a longer life span.

You Belong To The School Of Thought That Thinks That The More You Scrub Your Face And Exfoliate, The Cleaner And Smoother It Will Be

This is not always so as washcloths, face scrubs and cleansing brushes can make your face worse. The harshness of the scrubbing process can pop pimples and spread the bacteria to other parts of the face and leave your face sore afterwards.

Suggestion: Wash your face gently and then moisturize. You can follow the clean-tone-moisturize procedure using deep pore cleansing products that contain ingredients such and glycolic and lactic acids. This way you scrub less and keep acne in check.

You Cannot Keep Your Hands Off Your Face And Pimples

As irresistible as this always is, it can push the bacteria deeper into your skin or spread it to other parts of your face, leaving you with more pimples than you bargained for. You also cannot avoid scarring your face if you keep at this.

Suggestion: Keep it in mind that popping zits does more lasting  harm than good and remind yourself of this each time you’re tempted to touch your face. You’ll love how your face will heal on its own with the possibility of zero or minimum scars once you stop touching it.


Your skin is stressed when you are stressed and produces stress hormones such as cortisol in response to stress. Stress hormones trigger testosterone which causes your oil glands to increase oil production. Your pores then become clogged.

Suggestion: Take it easy. Relax, exercise regularly, take strolls, meditate and take some time out to do things that reduce your stress levels regularly so that you don’t break out as a reaction to stress.

You Are Reacting To Cleaning Agents

Some of the chemicals in cleaning agents are not skin friendly and as a result your skin breaks out on contact with the detergent or even the clothes. Yes. Cleaning agents sometimes remain on clothes even in little quantities and cause you break out not just on your face but everywhere.

Suggestion: Use detergents that are mild on the skin. Cleaning agents that are fragrance and dye free are usually milder and less irritable. There are also dermatological tested options for sensitive skin.