Science Says: Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Happier

In a study conducted by the department of psychology at UNAM, it was discovered that men who were in a relationship with chubby women were ten times happier than those who were with skinny women.

Here are the ten reasons why.

There’s More To Love

Much more!

They Tend To Be Sweeter 

Literally and figuratively.

They Are Foodies 

And men love chowing down with their girls.

They Can Cook Better

And the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach!

Their Hugs Are Nicer 

Chubby people are better to hug, no exceptions.

They Are Funnier 

More laughs= more happiness.

Curves Curves Curves

Enough said.

Buying Them Presents Is Easy 


No Stupid Diets Ever! 

Which means more eating out opportunities.

Less Pressure For The Guy To Be Fit

Gyms suck anyways.