Having Trouble Falling Asleep At Night? This Might Help

Lack of sleeping causes us to feel tired and exhausted right after we wake up. If that’s not enough, lack of sleeping can cause us to gain weight. So what disturbs our sleep? And how can we upgrade the quality of our sleep?

Go To Sleep And Wake Up Around The Same Time

Listen to your inner clock that’s telling you when it’s time to sleep - don’t ignore it. Feeling tired? Go to bed. When you wake up everyday at the same time, you help your body sync with your sleeping cycle accordingly. 

Avoid Naps Late In The Day

Sometimes we like to treat ourselves to a nice nap during the day, especially during the weekends. It’s important to make sure you don’t nap for over an hour. And also make sure you’re not napping when it’s too late in the day. You didn’t take a nap today and it’s already 3 PM? It’s best to skip nap time and go to sleep a bit earlier in the night. 

Light Dinner

When we eat something heavy before bed time, we might feel a lot more tired, but we actually create a sleep disorder. Eating something heavy before you go to sleep activates your digestive system, which can affect your sleep.


Avoid Alcohol Or Coffee Late At Night

When we drink a few hours before we go to bed, we might not have a problem falling asleep, but the quality of the sleep won’t be the same. 

Physical Activity During The Day

It’s been proven that physical activity helps sleep better. It’s important to work out during the day, and not less than 5 hours before your bedtime. 


Avoid Screens Before Bed

When we sit in front of our computer, tv or smartphone, we awaken our brain which might affect our ability to fall asleep. Therefore, it’s important to avoid any activity that stimulates the brain. Let your mind relax and prepare for bed. 

Same Sleeping Patterns

Get your body accustomed to a certain routine before bed. For example, a nice lukewarm  shower (it’s best not to take hot showers which might cause you to be even more awake), listen to music, count sheep, anything that will relax your brain. 


Understand How Many Hours Of Sleep You Actually Need

Adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep in total. Not everyone needs the same amount of hours to feel awake and fresh. Try to understand how many hours you actually need, but also keep it realistic and not more than you can actually achieve.