Things Guys Secretly Do That They Don't Want You To Know About

There are certain things in life men will never admit to. Luckily, we have no problem spilling the beans. But before we get started here, we should issue the disclaimer that we're not speaking for every man on the face of the Earth. And the ones we are speaking for? They’ll never admit to many of these things anyway.

1. Flush mid pee and race the toilet

2. Instead of using twist-ties to close bread, just spin the open end of the bag and tuck it underneath

3. Entering Beast Mode running up stairs while alone

4. Fantasized about their female friends. Yes...all of them

5. Thinking about freezing time.... and then doing naughty things to people

6. Watch romantic comedies alone. No one else can be present. No one can know

7. Check online to see if their length is adequate

8. Imagine how they would save their work place, school or whatever from terrorists

9. Look at their poop when they're finished. I mean, sometimes you just need to enjoy the masterpiece you just created

10. Take off their underwear and then kick it up into their hand and feel like a ninja master

11. Deleted their search history

12. Aim their pee at the edge of the toilet water or higher to avoid people knowing they're peeing 

13. Try to see how far away they can get whilst taking a pee and keeping it in the bowl