Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday

Many have heard of the benefits of intimate relationships, but did you know that you can cure some diseases by making love often? The practice of intimacy is transformed into benefits from mental health, incontinence, blood circulation and many more. So pay close attention and find out what these diseases are.


Making love often improves your self-esteem, and it is a truly effective antidepressant.


To calm a headache, this practice is very effective, as it helps release oxytocin and increase endorphins. These hormones help the body and mind to relax naturally.


Shiny Skin

Making love often releases toxins which are reflected directly in the appearance of the skin.


When you are in a state of relaxation to the maximum, tensions are released and sleep is favored.


Urinary Incontinence 

Experiencing intimacy regularly helps to combat urinary incontinence, as it strengthens the pelvis and prevents urine leakage.

The Flu

If you have the flu, it is better to make love, which is a great natural remedy. This is because antibody production is discharged during pleasure, and because of this it becomes a potent antiviral.


The Heart

Keeping intimacy often, will help you in the good functioning of the heart. According to experts, it reduces the danger of heart attacks and other heart problems.

Muscle Overload 

If you want to feel perfectly relaxed, experiencing intimacy is the solution since it is the best exercise to combat muscle and joint overloads.