Research Shows - Eating Chocolate Cake Is Good For Your Brain And Your Waistline

Eating a piece of chocolate cake is a guilty pleasure for some of us, and eating cake for breakfast is a big no-no for those of us who try to keep a healthy diet. But as it turns out, science is now showing that not only does chocolate cake have benefits, you have no reason for guilt. 

The study took place at the Syracuse University in New York. 968 People between the ages of 23 and 98 participated. The study followed the dietary habits of the people, and those habits were not changed in order to take part in the study.


According to what they learned, chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive performance and if you eat it regularly, it can improve your memory and abstract thinking. At the Tel Aviv University, another study revealed something rather interesting. Eating chocolate cake every morning can actually help you work. They also found that eating cake regularly might just help a person to lose weight. 

Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz found that the brain needs energy immediately when you wake up, that’s because your body converts food and energy more efficiently in the morning, so that piece of cake is less likely to end up on the waistline.


According to the study, it was important to eat chocolate before 9 o’clock in the morning. People who eat protein, carbohydrates and a 600 cal dessert tend to lose more weight than those who ate a 300 cal breakfast at a later time.

One of the reasons chocolate is so beneficial to our health is because it contains flavonoids that are found in plant-based foods. They are available in high quantities in the cocoa beans. Incidentally, you will also find flavonoids in red wine. Coincidence? We think not!