Things You Should Most Definitely Not Do After You Eat

Many of us are constantly concerned with nutrition and appearance. A healthy lifestyle is now very popular and has fans everywhere in the world. We eat small portions, try to eat healthy foods and avoid snacking and soda. But, it's important not only what you eat, but also what you do after eating.

It turns out that some habits are not only harmful, but even dangerous. For some people they cause minor disturbances, others - serious illnesses. It’s best to start taking preventive measures now, so you won’t have to go to the doctor later. So what you should never do after you eat?

Eating Fruit 

Often after eating a nutritious meal, we  feel like eating something sweet. If you’re a health buff, you will choose fruit. But eating fruit is better on an empty stomach. Why? Fruits are much more nutritious, if eaten on an empty stomach. It has been shown that eating fruits at the end of a meal is one of the common causes of stomach upset, heartburn or reflux.


Taking A Shower

Our digestive process depends very much on the blood flow to the stomach. If you take a shower immediately after eating, all the blood will flow into your hands and feet and as a result the digestive process will be slower, which can cause abdominal pain.



We all know those people who light a cigarette right after every meal and this is not something you should do. Even if we put aside the understanding that smoking is not a healthy habit, smoking immediately after eating is not healthy at all. Nicotine drastically reduces the amount of oxygen in the body and we need the oxygen to activate the digestive process. 


Taking A Walk

Wait half an hour and then go for a walk. Digestive problems, abdominal discomfort and of course acid reflux - all of this is waiting for you if you do not restrain yourself and go for a walk right after a meal.


Working Out

After you eat, all the body's efforts are directed to digestion of food. If you start to burden yourself, the body will come to a state of stress and the digestive process will be damaged. 



When all the blood is directed to the stomach to help the digestive process, the brain loses some of its alertness, the concentration decreases and you may even feel sleepy. Therefore it is best to drive at least an hour or two after eating.


Drinking Tea

Tea contains acids that interfere with the absorption of iron in the body by 87%. This causes weakness, chest pain, anemia, dizziness and chronic fatigue.


Eating Something Sweet

Eating something sweet after a meal is one of the common reasons for weight gain. As studies show, 7% of those who eat something sweet at the end of a meal will be overweight after age 35.



Insomnia and swollen abdomen - this is what happens to those who go to bed immediately after eating. Recent studies have shown that those who stay awake about two hours after a meal can not fear a stroke, for example.


Brushing Your Teeth

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But brushing your teeth immediately after a meal can damage your teeth. During the brushing, a layer of enamel descends, which means that the sugar or acid damages the teeth. Wait half an hour and then brush your teeth. 


There are certain habits that have taken root so deeply that we can’t even imagine how to get rid of them. At first it might be difficult, but later you will get used to it. Besides, the results will not be long: no abdominal pain, swelling or heartburn.