Signals From Your Body Telling You Should Sleep More

Most adults and some children are awake much longer than they really need and thus are actually sleeping much less than their body requires. Our body is very complex on the one hand, but on the other hand it shows us in a very simple and clear way when something bothers it. When our sleep routine is impaired, our body will immediately signal to us that we must provide it with more sleep. If you go over the following signs, you will find out if your body is also begging you to sleep a little more.

Weight Gain 

A drastic or unexplained increase in our body weight usually indicates some health problem. Studies in the relationship between eating and sleep indicated that people who had a sleep deficit consumed an average of 300 calories more than they would if they had enough sleep. Lack of sleep releases the hormone cortisol, a stress hormone that signals our body that it needs to consume more fats.


Impaired Thought Processes

When we don’t sleep enough our thoughts become confused and blurred, because our brain becomes rusty and slow when it doesn’t get enough rest. After one sleepless night, our level of concentration and focus drastically decreases to 30% of function.


Emotional Problems

Sleep studies point to a direct link between sleep deprivation and emotional stability. If we subtract many hours of sleep over time, it can even lead to depression.


Poor Memory

Lack of sleep leads directly to problems in our memory, which can hurt us in a variety of ways. Studies have shown that REM waves that we experience during the phase of mild sleep, at times when we are sleeping enough, help to increase memory and improve other mental functions.


Decreased Immune System

When your body doesn’t get enough rest, it weakens our immune system and makes us more easily infected with various diseases. Sleep deprivation is one of the main sources of deficiency in white blood cells and white platelets in the body that are responsible for maintaining our immune system.


Decreased Sex Drive

When we don’t sleep enough, one of the automatic responses of our body, is the decrease in sex drive. The hormonal changes that we experience as a result of lack of sleep and lack of energy causes a decline in our self-esteem and prevent us from wanting to be intimate.


Heart Disease

When we deprive our body of the amount of sleep it needs, we can raise blood pressure, which will affect our heart function.