Things to Stop Doing When You First Wake Up in the Morning

Getting up in the morning is not easy for most people and most of us don’t give enough importance to the morning’s effect on the rest of the day. It turns out that the things we do from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we leave home can have a big impact on what our day will look like.

So if you want your day to go better, or at least better than the hard seconds when the alarm clock rings and tells you it's time to get up. It is really recommended that you avoid some things that many of us do without being aware of their impact on our day.

Stop Hitting Snooze

The accessibility of the snooze on our alarm clock and the fact that most of us press it without hesitation makes our morning much less pleasant. It really doesn’t make sense that until we managed to wake up, we choose to go back to sleep just for a few more minutes. So do yourself a favor, give up the snooze and see how your day is getting better.


Don’t Delay Brushing Your Teeth

When you brush your teeth straight when you get up, not only do you contribute to the wellness of your teeth, you also automatically feel much more alert and vital. So anyone who got used to brushing their teeth after coffee or breakfast, it's time to give this up and help your teeth’s health, on the way to a much better day.

Stop Taking Long, Hot Showers

Many of us start our morning in the shower that’s supposed to wake us up, but a hot shower does just the opposite. It is true that entering a cold shower in the morning sounds like a nightmare, but it is better than feeling sleepy and wanting to curl up in bed. So decide you give up the idea of ​​showering in the morning, or make sure the water temperature is less hot.


Stop Making Breakfast

We don’t mean stop eating breakfast, silly. We just mean you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by prepping your first meal of the day the night before. And if the thought of that gives you visions of soggy cereal and cold pancakes, know that there are a ton of breakfast recipes that were designed to be made in advance.

Stop Checking Social Media

What starts as an innocent click into the Instagram app all too often turns into an hour of mindlessly scrolling down bread-making-video rabbit holes, all because you made the fatal mistake of clicking into the “Explore” tab. Just wait until lunch. It’ll still be there, we promise.


The most important thing to remember is, when you start your morning with a smile and positive energies, your day will remain that way. So treat yourself to a few moments of quiet a in the morning and your day will be much better.