Your Sleeping Position Says A Lot About Your Relationship

Sleep positions can reveal quite a bit about your relationship. It is important to understand that sleeping habits are very dependent on the stage of your relationship. But whether if you’ve been together for many years, newlyweds, enthusiastic who only go out a few months or lovers who hide their relationship - all this affects the position. 


There are quite a few options to sleep embracing each other. In this case, when a man embraces the woman from the back, it shows maximum closeness. If a woman is the "big spoon" and hugs the man from the back, it shows that she is in control of a relationship but dominates with grace and dignity. Love and tenderness, full faith - this is what this position conveys.


"Alpha Male"

What does the position say when the man lies on his back and the woman sleeps on his shoulder? His ego, his domineering and possessiveness. These qualities are strengthened by the partner who demonstrates her weakness and willingness to see the world from the perspective of her partner.



Almost like an "alpha male" but much more exciting. The man not only controls, he embraces the woman gently and it shows that he wants to feel you really next to him - to embrace, hold, protect and support.



When you sleep with your back to each other, but your bodies touch. This usually is the typical position for couple that have been together for many years. There is nothing disturbing about it, you are loved. But you’ve been together for a long time and so to feel each other, you do not have to be constantly embraced.


"My Territory"

If your spouse has moved as far as possible to the other side of the bed and converges into himself, it's time to worry. This shows not only the lack of the need to contact you, but rather impatience and affection and even insult. What happened? Find out soon, otherwise things will get worse.


"The Crab"

Just like in the previous position, but even more extreme. Your spouse not only crawled to the edge of the bed, but continues to move further. Eventually, in the morning they would rise up with a busy body, because all night they hung with half a body in the air.



If your partner hugs you and puts his hand between your thighs or under your armpit - that means he needs you. REALLY needs you. And he might just be dependent on you in several areas in his life. 



Do you avoid direct contact with your hands during sleep? Does he touch you with his knees, feet and chest? That means, despite the closeness between you two, he is still ashamed and does not trust you all the way. 



When your man falls a sleeps facing you (and you face him) but does not touch you, there may be a need for you to talk about something important. Better not wait.



If one of you is sleeping on your stomach, with your arms and legs thrown apart and the other stuck in a small space, know this: the one who sleeps like a starfish is the an undisputed leader in an entire relationship and not interested in the one who sleeps besides him.