If You're Doing The Following Regularly, You’re Hurting Your Back And You Should Stop

In the modern world many suffer from back pain and it is now one of the main reasons for hospitalization and surgery. Beyond pain and discomfort, back pain disrupts our lives and prevents us from doing things that we do with ease and comfort on a daily basis.

It turns out that there are quite a few things that we do to cause back pain and if we avoid it, a lot of pain and suffering will be spared. So if you do one of the following, you should stop and you could get rid of back pain and change your habits.

Give Up Exercising

When we give up regular physical activity, we hurt our back. Modern life includes sitting in front of screens, and it doesn’t really work for our backs.

You Don’t Eat Healthy

Studies have shown that healthy and correct eating patterns improves heart function, affect weight and glucose levels in the body and have a direct effect on our back. When we eat unhealthy industrialized foods, we activate the nerves that send signals to our brain that have an effect on the pain we feel.

You Don’t Practice Yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are vital activities that help us maintain proper posture, which helps us to perform daily activities correctly. Yoga and Pilates teach us to work properly with our bodies and release stress and tension that also creates back pain.

You've Been Watching TV For A Long Time

Long binge watching, including sitting on a sofa or armchair, is very damaging to your back. It is important to limit your viewing time and exercise, it will reduce the back pain. People who sit in front of a television or computer for about 15 hours a week are three times more likely to have back pain.

You Stretch The Wrong Way 

Even if you do exercise, but you don't stretch the right way, you do more harm to yourself than you do good. 

You Don’t Maintain Good Posture

When we sit all day in front of screens like television, computers or cell phones, we bend over, twist and sit in a very unhealthy way that affects our backs. We create pressure on the spine which causes back pain.

You're Lifting Heavy Weights

When you lift heavy weights in one hand, drag or raise a weight that is too heavy for you, you put the wrong pressure on your back. If you are lifting heavy weights, it is important to do it correctly so that it will not hurt your back.

You Carry Heavy Bags 

When you carry heavy bags on your back or shoulder, you squeeze the spine and it can actually move. If you do this regularly, you can create damage that will cause pain.

Sleeping On An Old Mattresses

Sleeping on an old mattress can create many back pain. Studies have shown that in order to keep your back painless, you should replace the mattress on which you sleep on every 5-7 years.

Wear High Heels Regularly

Wearing high heels increases the instability of your leg, which can create back pain over time. High heels can bend your back abnormally, making your muscles work harder without you being aware of it.

You Sit On A Chair All Day

Sitting on a chair in front of a table for many hours, is unnatural to our body posture because it is causing too much weight on the spine. Therefore, even if you are required to sit for many hours at the desk, it is important to take proactive breaks, get up and move to remove tension and pressure from your back.

Driving Long Hours

Sitting behind the wheel for long hours will cause the muscles to stretch. Sitting this way for a long time can cause problems in your back and neck, which can directly affect your vitality and alertness.