Start Laughing: Studies Show That Laughter Has A Positive Effect On Our Brain

Laughter is one of the things we do that affects us and our environment, whether it is voluntary or not. Children laugh 300 to 500 times a day, but as we get older we laugh less and less. Smiles and laughter are a natural thing our bodies do, which usually broadcasts joy and happiness. When we laugh, our body undergoes physiological changes that affect the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the hormonal and more. The body systems are very much enjoying giving us a good dose of laughter, which equals to physical training. One of the most affected systems when we laugh is our neurological system. So how does laughter affect us physically and mentally?

Laughter Helps Reduce Stress

The modern world is very stressful, something which has a direct impact on our body. One of the most prominent effects of the stress we experience daily on our bodies is the effect of more cortisol and adrenalin, hormones that give us strength and energy but when they are excreted too much, it has an effect on our body. They can increase our blood pressure, our pulse and body sugar levels, in addition to the extreme condition, they can have an effect on the nervous system in the body. It’s enough to laugh for 30 seconds to reduce the level of stress hormones in the body, allow the body to improve its overall functioning and improve our mood.

Laughter Helps You Feel Like You’re The Best

When we laugh, endorphins are secreted in our bodies, good morphine-like hormones that reduce physical and mental pain and also help us improve our mood. Like the feeling that comes after exercise, where the level of endorphins increases. When we laugh, we feel euphoric, feel more balanced and relaxed and even happier. When the level of endorphins in the body increases significantly, we can feel as if we have taken painkillers, because the feeling of pain transmitted to our brain is significantly reduced.

Laughter Helps Our Survival

Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between laughter and humor, and our ability to survive. In our minds there is the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions as well as for the functioning of the body in challenging situations. When we experience positive emotions such as love, affection and laughter, our ability to survive increases. Laughter allows us to increase the range of these positive emotions, to improve our mood when it’s bad for us, which helps us to survive in situations of difficulty. You can see that people who smile more and laugh more during their lives significantly increase their lifespan, so laughter can prolong and even save our lives.

Laughter Makes Us More Creative

Happy people manage to be more creative, because the feeling of happiness stimulates our brain to want to create and innovate. When we laugh, dopamine and endorphins are secreted to our brain, which improves our mood and can thus increase our level of creativity. Feelings of happiness and joy help us stimulate our minds, feel sharper and become interested in new and creative things.

Laughter Helps Improve Memory

Laughter affects both parts of our brain and even tries to connect them. In addition, it activates the limbic system, so it affects almost all parts of our brain. Operating all the systems in our brain in a state of alertness makes us more attentive and focused. When we concentrate on something, we tend to preserve the memory much easier. In addition to the brain, there is a tendency to preserve the positive emotions over the negative emotions we experience, so that the laughter and the joy altogether help us to retain more memories.

Laughter Makes Us More Attentive

When we laugh we activate the frontal cortex, which is mainly involved in solving problems, responsible for our sharpness and enables rapid thinking. The frontal cortex operates at a much higher level than normal when we laugh a lot. It actually makes us more attentive to our environment and to each other.

Since our brain has a direct effect on our bodies, the more we laugh the more different parts of our body will run, which will eventually make us feel much better.