Tips For A Healthy Dinner That Will Keep You Feeling Full

Eating before you go to sleep at night is a bad habit, for which we pay extra pounds and restless sleep. But we found out there are certain habits that can make it easier for you to cope. 

Avoid Empty Calories

Fried food, junk food and alcohol are full of empty carbohydrates that don’t really do much to our bodies. In fact, eating that will make you want to bite more and more so it’s best to skip that all together.

Reduce The Amount Of Salt 

Salt and other spices make your hunger feeling sharper. If you want to strengthen the natural taste of your food, you can add onions, garlic and herbs instead of salt. 


Eat, Don’t Snack

In order to not challenge your will power too much, it is better to avoid buying snacks and sweets. Sometimes when we’re hungry, we’d rather get a snack or something sweet just to fill our stomach instantly. But if you won’t have those temptations around, it will become easier over time to avoid eating them.

Add Broccoli To Your Salad

When you add broccoli to your salad, you will feel fuller much faster. 


Cool It

It is possible to "freeze" the night hunger attack by lowering the temperature in the room, and when the temperature in the room is lower, our body burns 7 percent more calories.

Work Out

It has been proven that intensive fitness training not only burns calories, but also suppresses appetite. Another good reason to work out, it reduces stress, so for those of us who are “stress eaters” it can be very helpful. 


Drink Water

We often confuse hunger and thirst, so if we drink a glass of water instead of taking another bite, we won’t feel the need for food. Just put a glass or water bottle next to the bed.

Brush your teeth

When we brush our teeth in the evening, the brain receives an order, "I’m done with eating for today." Beyond that, the taste of mint and menthol soothes the sudden hunger.