According To Psychologists: This Is Why People Cheat 

Nobody likes being lied to it. But even more so, the feeling of betrayal is what hurts the most. According to psychologists, there are several signs that indicate your partner might be cheating.

Here is a few of them:

Your Partner Doesn’t Care As Much

In a good relationship anything can be resolved through discussion and conversations. If your spouse treats things with disrespect, say they don’t care, they are likely to find someone else who interests them a lot more.


You’re Not Attracted To Your Partner As Much

If you’re experiencing a dry spell, it might be a red flag. If your spouse is not really interested in you, don’t think you can just wish it away. Unfortunately, this behavior may indicate they found someone else already. 


Unique Personality 

Some people don’t like to associate with just one person, they love to meet a lot of people and spend time in large groups. For them, to be with many people at the same time - is perfectly normal. And as a result such people can occasionally cheat.


Different Attitude When It Comes To Love

If someone has a different attitude towards the intimacy they share with their partner, they can look for something elsewhere. Sometimes they will say things like “it was nothing, no emotions, just physical”. That means their outlook on love might be different from yours. 


An Environment That Supports Infidelity 

It's very hard to be a loyal person in an environment where everyone has someone on the side. After talking to such people, you might want to try it for yourself. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the lifestyle of the people around your spouse.