Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

From a young age we are taught to sleep in our pajamas and explain that nudity doesn’t even fit into our sleeping habits. But on the other hand - how much fun is it to be naked under the blanket? Here is some proof that sleeping naked is not only pleasant, it’s even recommended.

The Intimacy With Your Partner Will Increase 

It isn’t surprising that couples who sleep in the nude make love more often than pajama lovers.

You’ll Feel Happier 

Even if it is strange for you to sleep without clothes, you can’t rule out the fact that it is pleasant: it doesn’t restrict movements, doesn’t cut the skin, isn’t caught in the sheets - full freedom of movements.


You’ll Improve Your Skin And Hair Condition

A higher quality sleep will allow your body to produce melatonin and growth hormone more efficiently. Also, sleeping in the nude improves the work of the oil glands because your skin does not get too hot.

You Can Lose Weight 

Growth hormone HDH is responsible for increasing muscle mass and participates in the weight lose process. Also, sleeping in the nude in a chilly room encourages the burning of extra calories.


You’ll Sleep Better

When you sleep without clothes, your body temperature goes down and therefore there is no chance of overheating, so you will sleep deeper and wake up less frequently.

You’ll Decrease Stress Level

The optimal sleep temperature will help your body to lower the level of cortisol - a stress hormone.


You’ll Increase Your Self Confidence

When a person feels comfortable being naked, even in everyday life, he will be more confident.

It’ll Improve Your Circulation

Even the most comfortable lingerie interferes with blood flow. This causes the formation of spots on the skin and venous thrombosis.


You Won’t Experience Insomnia 

Doctors recommend that people who suffer from insomnia sleep without clothes, to deal with the problem.

It’ll Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

Skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin secretion and positively affects the couple. If you both sleep naked, your relationship is more sensual and based on loyalty.