Reasons Why We Gain Weight At Work And How To Deal With It

People who work in an office and spend the whole day in front of the computer will sooner or later encounter the problem of weight gain. But what is the reason for the extra pounds and of course - what is the solution?

Eating With Others, Even If You’re Not Hungry

Sometimes our coworkers will ask us to lunch, and we’ll go even if we’re not so hungry. Also, at work we usually snack out of boredom. 

Our Solution: When food is always in front of our eyes we eat a lot more. It is best to take the sweets out of your sight, and it is also worth learning to refuse coworkers who offer you something that does not appear on your menu. And if you're worried about birthdays, you can manage with light snack once in a while.

You Pay Less Attention To What You Eat

In the morning you planned your nutritious lunch, but later in the day you worked so much, all you want is something fast and tasty. Sound familiar?

Our Solution: Start recording everything you eat during the week. This will help you to follow the menu violations. 

The Office Is Dark And Cold

Researchers found that once the lighting is not good, we want to eat more. The same thing happens to our bodies during the cold seasons.

Our Solution: Spend more time in the sun, take a break outside during and after work. In case you are cold in a office, you can also bring long clothes to keep you warm. 

Working Too Much

Work overload helps our weight to rise. First, lack of free time that could be devoted to sports and other activities. Second - Insomnia and poor sleep quality. All this together causes an increased in your appetite.

Our Solution: Try to raise activity - don't use the elevator, walk as much as possible and do not forget to devote enough time to sleep.

Stress And Deadlines Challenge Our Nervous System

Sometimes we have problems at work, we get stressed and we start eating too much. 

Our Solution: Sleep enough and engage in sports. Remind yourself that food can not be a solution to all problems.