Tricks To Properly Pack Your Suitcase 

Packing can be a massive headache. Especially if you’re taking a long vacation, you want to make sure you have everything you need; that nothing breaks, that you won’t forget anything and most importantly, that everything will fit inside your suitcase.

Here’s a list of tips and methods to properly pack your suitcase:


  • If you turn your bra inside out, you could pack your socks in the cap. This will not only save space, but will also keep the shape of the bra.
  • Roll your belts and put them into the collar of your buttoned shirts. You will save space, and kept the collar straight. 
  • Ties and scarfs can be rolled around a roll of toilet paper. It will help them not to wrinkle. You can also put the everything in a plastic bag.
  • Shoes can be put into an old shower hat. If the shoes were left with traces of dirt, they would not reach the clothes.
  • Each set of clothes rolled and packed into a separate plastic bag. So you will save valuable time if you have already decided what to wear.
  • Take a pillowcase or a large garbage bag with you to keep dirty clothes in them.



  • Place a wool cotton on your powder - it will protect it from breaking during your travels. 
  • If you don’t have a lotion kit, you can put some cream into contact lens boxes. A great place for maintaining creams and they also will not spill.
  • Place plastic wrap between lid and cream tube. This will keep the cream inside the container if the lid opens accidentally.
  • If you don’t have a special case for makeup brushes, put them in the sunglasses case - so they will not get the clothes dirty or get lost.



  • Wrap the bracelets and the other jewelry in two layers of plastic wrap - it will help not to lose them, they will not get wet and will not get tangled. 
  • Take a medicine box and keep small jewelry in it. Excellent fit for earrings and rings.
  • Small jewelry can be kept in a tick-tech box, so your earrings won’t get lost and won’t pierce a whole in your clothes. 
  • If you don’t want your necklace to get tangled, put it through a straw.



  • A charger for a mobile phone and headphones should be kept in a glasses case. The case will protect them from breaking and will not allow them to get tangled.
  • If your tablet has no cover, wrap it in a thick sweater, it will keep it safe.
  • A telephone or a camera can be put into a soapbox - it will prevent damage.
  • Turn the earphones cord and grab them with a clothespin.