Your Favorite Color Can Indicate Your Performance In Bed

It is said that our favorite color is nothing more than just a color, but we are here to tell you that it has a much greater meaning, such as your performance in bed:


Orange lovers have many fantasies, they see the act of love as a dramatic play in one act, which they are the main stars in. For them, the foreplay is as important as the act itself. They may not experience a thrilling orgasm, but will undoubtedly give an impressive impression! Orange-loving men tend to pull their partner's hair, women leave deep scratches on the back of their lovers.


Purple lovers sometimes feel that the act of physical love is a drop below their level. Women will be afraid to destroy their hairstyle, men will take on the task in a very official way. In any case, purple lovers will take care of themselves first and the other person later.



They usually find each other in kinky groups and are sadistic or masochistic. They function at their best in extreme situations - under great pressure or distress. Police psychologists say black is the preferred color of many sex offenders, and black is also a dominant color in violent street gangs.


People who love red are tigers in bed. They’re teased easily and enjoy in every possible way. Once the spark is lit, it can take a long time before it’ll be over. When two red lovers meet, they can achieve satisfaction that will make the experts blush. Usually red lovers are aggressively leading, so if you like a less dominant color, notice who’s in front of you ...



For brown lovers sexuality is the only thing on their minds, they are engaged in it and express much love. Cuddling in front of the fireplace or walking in the rain provokes their sexuality and they need a lot of time and privacy to make love "right". On the other hand, they are very sensitive, and a bad word can actually squash them.


The color of freshness. They are gentle and devoted lovers, though not very passionate. Green lovers can make love like virgins all their lives, green lovers are sometimes a bit clumsy and confused in their approach but in a charming and lovely manner. Those who choose a green lover as a life partner should not fear betrayal.



Gray is the preference of indecisive people. They are not enthusiastic about anything - not even colors - and therefore they choose non-binding greed, like gray. Men who prefer gray see sex as a means of release, no less and no more. Women do not "make love," they maintain intercourse and count the cracks in the ceiling until the act is over. When two gray lovers get married they have a perfect marriage, but if a gray lover is married to another color lover - cheating will be a relief. 


Pink lovers really don’t like to grow up, even when it comes to the bedroom. Women like to tease, promise more than they intend to. They can flaunt their femininity and secretly hate men - many prostitutes have a whole wardrobe of pink undercoat. Pink-loving men are the kind who will set three dates for that evening and will not appear to any of them. Pink lovers of both sexes tend to be big spenders.



Yellow lovers have complex motives for sex, and they are very adaptive. Most yellow lovers will adapt themselves to the desires of their spouse. They will not refuse an obscene suggestion from someone they like or admire, even if they do not enjoy it fully. 


Blue lovers are wonderful sex partners. They are honest, affectionate and sensitive to the needs of their partners. To them, the act of love is an art and they approach it elegantly. Blue-loving men are like pianists at a concert - conquering their partners as gently as if they were playing a masterpiece. Blue-loving women enjoy sex in the most complete way, although their desire is more like tidal waves than burning fire. All blue lovers enjoy the foreplay and other moments of the act itself. In a blue-loving marriage they are perfect - they will always delight their partners and not seek excitement elsewhere.