This Woman Was Bitten by a Bug and Was Treated by Antibiotics. Few Days Later She Passed Away

“She was a brand new mom, and it was taken from her. Then the doctors came up to me, and they just told me they were sorry and they couldn’t save her.” Cassandra Campbell, 24, dies in the most horrible circumstance, and left behind a three week old baby.

“It was tough, it was tough. It’s the biggest fear I ever had was losing one of my children,” said Cindy Shoemaker, Cassie’s mother, to Fox 17.

Cassandra gave birth to a healthy baby, and was offered a job alongside her father as a tattoo artist in Michigan. Everything seemed perfect. However, something was bothering her - a small bug bite. She consulted her doctor, who prescribed her antibiotics. “She had been bitten by a bug, we assumed. She was nursing at the time, so we got antibiotics, and they put her on two different ones,” said her mother Cindy.

Right after Cassandra started taking her medication she began to feel flu-like symptoms, but it was the sever rash that covered all her body that made her rush to the Emergency Room. She visited the ER twice and in both times the doctors sent her home and advised her to rest, as they didn't find anything unusually wrong with her. From that point things started to deteriorate, fast.


Source: Days After Small Mark Appeared On Mom’s Body, She Died. Now Her Family Is Warning Others by internetroi on Rumble


“I got a call from her boyfriend saying she couldn’t see. Her eyes were all matted shut, and she couldn’t walk on her feet,” said Cindy. The rash got much worse, and blisters appeared all over her body. Cassandra's eyes were so swollen she couldn't open them and she didn't see a thing. She couldn't stand on her feet or walk. At that time the doctors were still clueless as to why Cassandra was suffering. “They actually didn’t know at first what was causing it, and they called doctors around the world,” said Cindy.

By the time the doctors finally understood what was wrong with Cassandra it was already way too late, she was very ill. She was diagnosed with a very rare disorder induced by the antibiotics she took. This disorder is usually related to common antibiotics such as penicillin or Bactrim, and has different manifestation in people, based on their genetics and other medication they take. Apparently the cause to Cassandra's death is so uncommon that very few people know about it.

Cassandra's family is now trying to create awareness to this dangerous condition, to warn others and by that give some meaning to the horrible death of their beloved daughter. Share this story to save lives!