‎5-Year-Provides A Flawless Response When A Pal Called Her ‘Fat’‎

Allison Kimmey is a living example we can teach our girls to feel comfortable in their skins.

It’s a distressing situation when females are tried every second based on nothing but their look. It is even more upsetting when we realize that it will happen to our kids, too.

For Allison Kimmey, who defines herself on her Facebook page as a “self-love expert and body love advocate” has nurtured a daughter who gave the best ever response when a classmate called her fat.

Kimmey forwarded a transcript of the interaction she had with her 5-year-old daughter, Cambelle, together with a snapshot of the both of them slaying some flower-patterned bathing suits at the beach, on her Facebook and Instagram pages. The chat that ensued between them should stir all of us to love and appreciate our bodies and take judgment in stride, just as Cambelle did.



“Cambelle: ‘Mama, can I say something?’

Me: ‘go ahead, baby.’

C: ‘Yesterday, at practice my shirt pulled up a little bit and my tummy became visible. The girl following to me glanced at tummy and said that my tummy was fat.'”

Here, Kimmey wrote, “Immediately, a mama bear reaction popped in my head’s internal dialogue ‘Oh god, here we go’ I said to myself.” But instead of being furious, like she was supposed to, she paused to hear what Cambelle had to say.

“I said: ‘Oh really? And what was your response honey?’

C: ‘I told her that I’m not fat, I HAVE fat. And that everybody has fat. And I told her it’s fine to have fat.”‘”

“she Inserts the happy dance parenting emoji,” Kimmey wrote.

She continued,

“Wow, Cambelle! I am SO full of pride of you for the way you navigated the situation. Fat is not a bad word, I do not think she ever intended to make you feel bad. It was amazing of you to make her understand that all everyone has fat, but that no one IS fat. And you are not an evil person if you have more or less of it. What else did she say?

C: ‘She just said ‘oh, okay””

“I still shocked my 5-year-old daughter was able to diffuse such situation with such grace and finesse which is more than I can say for most 30-year-olds,” Kimmey wrote. Then, she describes the best part of the entire conversation.

“C: ‘Remember when I called you fat?’

Me: ‘Yes baby, I do.’

C: ‘I’m sorry I did that’

Me: ‘it’s right baby, what is important is that you know and now you can teach others and help transform the world.'”

It’s not surprising that Cambelle has such an upbeat image of herself — her mom is all about body positivity and self-love.

With such a positive light to follow, Cambelle was sure to love her body and herself.

As Kimmey put it, “no child is born with hate in them. The action and behaviors around them simply influence their thought process. I cannot prepare my daughter for the troubles life will give her but I can train her to survive and handle it. Most importantly, I teach her to be a beacon of hope, compassion, humility, and love.”

  1. also had a word for haters that will pop up online.

“to anyone who thinks I am ‘promoting obesity,’ it is paramount we thwart childhood bullying before it can even start. This has nothing to do with weight, but of character,” she wrote.

Teach your girl how to love and cherish herself — it is important we all do.