He had a gut feeling about his mum nursing home, he sets up a hidden camera. what ‎he filmed is heartbreaking.

Elder care homes are designed to cater for people who need assistance simple daily activities. They have to be nurtured based on their each individual unique need. These people are humans, as such, they should be treated like humans.

Recently, at Camille Parent’s mother’s elder care facility, there were issues between his mother and other inhabitants, which left her beaten and injured. Initially, he thought it was the other inhabitants harming his mother. Later, he learned the pathetic truth, which was disturbing, and difficult to deal with.

He figured something was fishy. His 85-year-old mother was constantly wounded and hurt. She has had a black eye twice now. He doubted other residents were responsible for this repetitive atrocity against his mother. So, he setup a hidden camera in his mother’s room to unearth what was really going on.

The footage was shocking, he found out was that it was not only the other residents who were molesting his mother but actually her caretakers as well!

The video showed other residents entering his mother’s room and stealing her stuff, however, that part was not the shocker. The shocker was one staff member captured blowing his nose on her sheets, then made her bed with that same sheets!

Source: He Didn’t Trust His Mom’s Nursing Home, So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera. What He Captures Is So Sad by internetroi on Rumble


The most shattering moment of the footage was when a staff member went as far as physically hurting Camille’s mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Camille is traumatized given what he just saw. He has now shown the video to the CEO of Saint Joseph’s. The CEO’s response to the video was:

“Given what we have found out so far her preliminary investigation, it is completely unacceptable. My goal is to make sure that efforts are taken to prevent atrocities in future.”

“I found it sickening,” said Lynn MacDonald, the scientific director or the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly. “what they did to that woman was born out of insanity, and if it had been a child or a middle-aged person, they would have never gotten away with it.”

Watch the video below to watch the shocking events below and tell us what you think of this tragedy in the comments.