This ‘Finding Nemo’ Maternity Shoot Has a great significance

Although choosing a preferred Disney character for a maternity photo theme is a good conception, but Ryan Shehan and Tayler Borre, who performed as the little Nemo Fish in their photo shoot means a lot.

Borre is about to give birth to a baby girl on a night before the New year, and they just discovered that their expectant baby girl has Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), and will be given birth to devoid of a left hand. She will possess a lucky fin, similar to Nemo.

In an upload that has been the subject of the matter for a while now with over 62, 000 shares, Borre reported that “to the majority of the people thinking that it is a cute maternity picture with Nemo, their most-loved Disney character. However, this means so much more than just a picture to my family, and this is the reason behind it; according to her, a growth problem was discovered during the anatomy scan. She kept wondering what has gone wrong, but he did not really explain the situation well enough, all he could say was that her upper body was not bringing out the correct measurement. So, I was sent to All Children’s Health Center to have a scan to be properly conducted.”


She waited for about two weeks, unsettled, for the appointment. I was really nervous during those weeks, she said. If I did not sense her being there all day, I would be nervous. I experienced many seizures not knowing what was wrong with me.”

Eventually, on the day of the scan, that was when Shehan and Borre knew that their girl would be born with a limb difference and that she had ABS.

ABS is a hereditary disorder that happens during pregnancy. Strings of tissues from the amniotic sac wrap around the developing body of the baby, impacting the growth of the baby potentially and also create pressure around the baby. In the case of Borre’s baby girl, ABS is responsible for the difference in the lower limb of her left hand.

Borre concedes in her write up that being informed her baby would be given birth to with one hand was really difficult to admit at first. She was agitated about her girl and the problems she might encounter. ‘’I was stunned at first about her arm and so also was Ryan. Not once have we heard until we did the scan” she stated. “we were so concerned about she would be able to do some stuff and people’s reactions to that stuffs.”

However, while the news was all negative, Borre also perceived positivity in the situation. The daughter was strong, and “I was also relaxed with how things she measured seemed to be perfect, she is nice and strong as well.” She said “she has a fin that a little bit smaller than the other, yet she will do what she desires to do, she is our Nemo!


A blog about “For Ever a New Journey” was created by Borre, to write down their experiences with ABS. Apart from that, she is fine, happy to put the previous problems behind her. “during the whole period of this pregnancy, I yearned for McDonalds’ mocha frappes and buffalo wings accompanied with lots of ranches, she stated. “I have never preferred buffalo wings.”

The reaction to the maternity pictures has been really great and astonishing conceded Borre. When those were uploaded, we only wanted to show our friends and family. We wished to get shares and create some awareness, but we did not expect such a big outcome from all of it, she said.

The both of them (Borre and Shehan) were fully ready for their girl’s ABS and were assured that she would be just the wonderful baby girl in every way they have dreamt of. “this is not a bad thing neither is it a disability,” she says. “She is going to be a little rock star in every way possible. She will do everything! We love baby girl! Positive feedbacks have been really helpful.” Everyone has been really loving and encouraging, even from people we never knew!”