Two Men Are Making an All-Female “Lord Of The Flies” And Twitter Is Roasting Them

Twitter is turning the heat up on this all-female version of Lord of the Flies.

Another version of a masterpiece movie is coming our way, an all-female one and this time it is the women who are not able to cope with it.

The classic 1964 novel has already been produced earlier in 1963 and 1990, and yet Lord of the Flies is getting a female-centric revolution with the news getting attention on the web.



For those of you that were not an eighth-grade student in the American public school, Lord of the Flies is all about a clique of British school boys who got lost on an uninhabited island, and then they strive to manage themselves. They agreed to start worshipping a conch shell, and things begin to get hard to the point that they began killing each other. Furthermore, the novel as a whole is a fairy tale for toxic masculinity, so there’s that. Obviously, narrating the story with female characters seems like missing the point.

Moreover, of course, won’t you want to know that just two men are the pioneer of the project.

Even though the internet contributed to how greatly filmmakers all got the main point of the story wrong, since the announcement of the version which focused on the effects of toxic masculinity.

David Siegel and Scott McGehee told the deadline that they would try as much as possible to stick to the real story in their new version that will be written and directed by them themselves.

Siegel said, “we want to be committed to the story but also want to make a contemporized adaptation of the book, even though the thought of doing it with all girls instead of boys.” It is an everlasting story that is very relevant today with the interpersonal bullies and clashes; it is all about children forming a group and imitating the character they learned in adults before they were left behind.”

We all depict the women better in Hollywood, but is this the ideal way to go about that? That is absolutely not.