What’s Your Dark Side According To Your Zodiac Sign?

You must have read the positive traits of your zodiac sign, right? After all, most people talk about the positive side and tend to neglect the negative. So, have you ever wondered what the darker traits of your zodiac sign are?

Let’s have a look at the dark side of each zodiac sign:


Although you are bold and ambitious, sometimes you become quite impatient and impulsive whenever it comes to making decisions.


You can be really generous and dependable, but you can also get possessive and it can actually hurt your personal life. You can also be self-indulgent and materialistic.


Although you are really fun to be around, you tend to get cocky or arrogant from time to time. You are mostly adjustable and flexible and yet you do make selfish decisions.



You are really protective and loving but you can get quite moody. You can be timid and cautious. But all of this mostly hides underneath your caring personality.


You just love to be the center of attention but you also tend to create problems if you aren’t. You don’t like to be ignored and can use your charm on others for personal benefit.


You are a trustworthy and reliable person, but you can sometimes be really judgmental. As you are a perfectionist yourself, you tend to become ignorant from judging others.



You think about all possibilities before making a decision or taking a step and it shows good awareness but you also tend to overthink and this complicates most simple things in your life.


You are really brave and faithful and yet you can be really fiery and manipulative as well. Sometimes you have a bad temper and can overreact whenever you get hurt.


You are a straightforward and generous person but sometimes this bluntness can hurt the feelings of others. You do think that you know it all and this can be problematic for you.


You are a practical, ambitious, and sensible person, but you also tend to take control and manage things without understanding that it may affect the lives of others. You don’t lie and that’s why you often exaggerate the negative side of your personality.