Which Tricks Will Make Your Face Look Younger?

Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot delay it. In fact, when we stop doing anything, that’s when things start to become more depressing for us. You’ll look much older than your actual age if you don’t take good care of your face.

So, here are some really effective tricks that will make your face look younger:

#1 Use Olive Oil for Soft and Younger Skin

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, which helps in making the skin soft and younger. Just before going to sleep, take a few drops and gently massage your face. Rinse it off with a soft towel and do not rub it on it your face. You’ll have soft, glowing skin in the morning.

#2 Smooth Wrinkles with Egg Whites

Wrinkles on the skin are basically caused by aging and other factors such as smoking, habitual facial expressions, sun damage, and poor hydration. Take some egg whites in a bowl, whip them and massage it all over your face. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. Egg whites help in reducing wrinkles because they have Vitamin A and Vitamin B.


#3 Removing Dark Circles under Your Eyes with Avocado

Dark circles under your eyes can add years to your appearance. Making the dark circles disappear with makeup is not a long-term solution, therefore it is best to place slices of ripe avocado under each eye. The fatty acids in avocado bring back the elasticity and moisture to dry skin under your eyes. It helps in blood circulation and makes dark circles less intense.

#4 Always Apply Sunscreen When You Go Out

One of the main contributors to wrinkles is sun damage. There are sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that come in two forms: UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, it is really important to apply SPF sunscreen every time you go out in the sun.


#5 Drink Lots of Water

Research has strongly encouraged drinking water as it helps in making a person look younger by flushing out toxins from the body. Make sure you always keep a water bottle with you and try to eat those fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of water.