What Is Your Partner Trying To Tell You?

It is just not possible to always make correct assessments of your partner’s emotional states and truest feelings. Although communication is key to a successful relationship, there are times when we have to interpret the non-verbal and mixed signals.

Here are some signals that your partner might be sending you but you are not fully getting them:

He is Hurt

There is a possibility that he is hurt and has a desire to hear an apology. He might be expressing it with subtle body language signs e.g. he doesn’t look you in your eyes during conversations, his arms are crossed to create a protective barrier between your and his body.
Solution: Make sure you communicate your concerns with your partner. It is best to know his side of the story as well. Tell him that you care about him and would love to know what is hurting him.

He is Going Hot and Cold

You plan on going out together and everything goes perfectly: you’re having meaningful conversations and enjoying every single moment of each other’s company. However, it all changes the next day. You’re left wondering whether he is still completely into you or not.
Solution: This kind of signal can mean that he is either keeping his options open or has an avoidant attachment style which is keeping him away from you. So, the best approach is to give him some time and then talk about it face to face.


He is Feeling Distant from You

Due to the hectic lifestyle of both partners, spending a lot of time with each other becomes difficult. He might be feeling distant from you if he is not showing affection like before. Spending too little time with you might cause it.
Solution: It is best to start giving more time to the relationship. Do it even if it means sacrificing some of your responsibilities.

He Might Want To Breakup with You

He is just not showing too much interest in you and trying to avoid you most of the times. He becomes agitated whenever you try to come close to him. He is failing to give you undivided attention. If he is showing these signs, there is a possibility he is thinking about ending the relationship.
Solution: He is in a distant state because he has some doubts in his mind. It is best to discuss those doubts and work on them and then see where it goes.


He is Not Trying to Impress You Anymore

At the start of the relationship, he was always trying to win your heart. But now that the relationship has settled into a rhythm, he is not putting much effort into it. He has a chill attitude towards you and he doesn’t pay much attention whether you dress nicely or not.
Solution: There is a possibility that he didn’t show his authentic side to you when he started dating you. It is quite possible that he did it to impress you. But it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. It means that he has started to feel more comfortable around you.