Which Wedding Dress Suits You?

There are many stunning wedding dresses on the market and given that most women are prone to making a mistake of buying a wrong wedding dress (thanks to the irresistible temptations), it is important to find an ideal wedding dress that suits your figure.

In other words, find a wedding dress that suits YOU!

Triangle Body Shape

If you are a triangle shape, you have hips that are narrower than your shoulders and the top of your body is wider.
Recommended: In order to balance your wider shoulders, a V-neck dress would do great. It would be best if there are sleeves with your wedding dress. The shoulders of your dress should be narrow wide with embellished straps.
Not Recommended: It would be best to avoid puffed sleeves as they could draw attention to your shoulders. You may want to dodge embroidery and lapels around the neckline to ensure that there isn’t unnecessary attention to your ample bosom.

Pear Body Shape

You are just like the fruit pear, hips wider than your shoulder and smaller on the top as compared to your bottom.
Recommended: We would recommend the princess style wedding dress because it can disguise your fuller hips while balancing your torso and bust. You can also consider a strapless ball gown while empire line dresses also suit pear body shape as well.
Not Recommended: You’d want to avoid attention to your bottom and that’s why it is best to steer clear of trumped, tiered, and mermaid style dresses.


Apple Body Shape

If you have an apple body shape, you may need to look for a wedding dress that can flatter your mid-riff and great legs.
Recommended: You may want a dress that de-emphasizes your waist. An empire-line dress can give you a leaner look. A ball gown can also help in flattering your body areas or you can consider an A-line dress with a dropped waist (it actually looks amazing on the apple shape).
Not Recommended: Given that you carry weight around your stomach, it is best to avoid Basque or princess-line dresses as they can draw a lot of attention to your middle.

Hourglass Body Shape

You have an hourglass body shape if your top and bottom halves are perfectly balanced and you have a defined waist.
Recommended: In order to enhance your beautiful hourglass figure, consider a two-piece gown. You can also look great in a corset dress or trumpet style dress.
Not Recommended: Your chest and hips are already balanced and you don’t have to put extra weight to either half. Therefore, avoid ball gown or empire-line silhouette.


Slim Figure

You have a ballerina’s figure (lucky you) and your waistline is undefined. Although you may think that any dress would look fine on you, there are some exceptions.
Recommended: You have a slender shape and a sheath could really flatter it. Given that you have a slim figure, you can easily get away with a high neckline. To create an illusion of curves, you can try going with a ball gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt.
Not Recommended: If your collarbone is too bony, it is best to avoid portrait or halter necklines.