How Your Parents Relationship Affect Your Love Life

Do you have the tendency of shutting down completely during an argument? When you are emotionally drained, do you look for reasons to have a fight with your significant other? There is a possibility that all these signs can be traced back to your parents’ relationship.

Whether your parents decided to split before you were young enough to go to school or they have been happily married for many years, the relationship of your parents can definitely shape your love life.

So, how can your parents’ relationship affect yours? Let’s find that out:

The Way You Handle/Resolve Conflicts

There is no relationship without conflicts. In fact, conflicts can be helpful in creating a long-lasting, passionate relationship. However, it is important to understand that your ability to handle conflicts determines where your relationship is heading. If you grew up in an environment that included a lot of yelling and swearing at each other, there are chances that you might follow your parents’ footsteps.

Your Willingness to Accept or Live With Abusive Behavior

If you grew up in an abusive or toxic environment, it can affect you in more ways than just your love life. It is really awful to have your upbringing in an abusive environment. If you witnessed abuse between your parents or were a victim of abuse yourself, there are chances you might normalize abuse in your relationships as well. It can either make you more prone to follow their pattern in your love life or accept this from your partner.


The Way You Express Your Emotions

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship is to effectively communicate with your partner. If you are unable to express your emotions in the right manner, there are chances you might not be able to solve even minor problems in your relationship. If your parents weren’t good at expressing their emotions, you may have difficulty in identifying problems in your relationship or expressing your emotions.

How Trusting You Are

A relationship can prosper really well if there is mutual respect and trust between both partners. If you do not trust your partner, it becomes really difficult to live under one roof. If you grew up in an environment in which your parents didn’t trust each other much, you might find it difficult to trust your partner as well.


The relationship between our parents impacts us when we’re in our childhood and even when we enter adulthood. But this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed or you will turn out to be just like your parents. It is important to examine your own relationship and eradicate any unhealthy behaviors that you exhibit in your relationship.