What Are The Biggest Relationship Struggles?

Understand that no one is a perfect lover and it would be too harsh on your partner or even yourself to expect something like that. However, there are some challenges in our relationship that are mostly because of our personality.

What is your biggest relationship struggle? Let’s find that out:

Lack of Communication

A relationship cannot survive if there is lack of communication. There are chances that your partner might give you more time to open up, but it won’t be too long before he/she can’t take it anymore. It is important that you try to overcome the communication barrier by before it is too late.
What You Need to Do: No one is asking you to open up straight away. However, make sure that you give subtle hints to your partner that you like to open up but you need some time. You should start working on it by sharing your thoughts and problems with your partner.


Lack of Intimacy

When one of the partners starts to feel that there is no more intimacy in the relationship, a great deal of joy from the relationship starts to fade away and disappears. As there are different reasons why people enter into a romantic relationship, intimacy is one of those key reasons.
What You Need to Do: If you feel like there is a lack of intimacy from your side, try to spice things up, initiate, and even ask for it if required.

Lack of Trust

It is understandable that you take your time trusting people. But if you have entered into a romantic relationship then your partner deserves to know more about you. As you started a new chapter of your life by getting into a relationship, you should start trusting your partner as this struggle can potentially ruin your relationship.
What You Need to Do: If you have trust issues, you should learn to forgive. Your partner might break your trust but you should not let it affect your relationship. Soon, you will start trusting your partner more than ever before.


You can find a solution to your relationship struggle if you don’t let your ego get in the way. The first step to finding a solution is forgiveness. Next comes opening up to your partner about your struggle and the last step is finding a solution that satisfies both partners.