How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You!

We are all guilty of telling a half-truth or whole lie at some stage in our lives. From seemingly harmless fibs to elaborate cover ups; each time we fail to be honest there are telltale signs there is something more to what we are saying. Liars produce typical non-verbal cues, as determined by researchers, that most of us are unaware of or naturally not attuned to. While some people are better liars than others, there are ways of determining if somebody’s “nose is growing” while in conversation. We look at how to tell if someone is lying to you.

Studies have revealed that lies are becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern day lives. From students to professionals, we lie at least once every 10 minutes every day! That is a lot of lying!

So how do you tell if someone is swaying the truth? We found these tips to tell if someone is lying to you.


Inconsistent Storytelling

This one requires listening to the finer details. The theory is that we cannot remember the created stories and tend to change the details as we go along. Unfortunately, this is not considered the most reliable means of telling if someone is lying to you.

One way to determine inconsistency when lying is to determine when the person cannot recall information told at an earlier stage. This does not involve adding information but simply a failure to remember what was told in conversation. When you lie, you cannot remember the details told the first time around because it never actually happened.

Changes in Expressions and Gazes

Liars attempt to conceal their shifting body language but facial expressions including the look in someone’s eyes simply cannot be ignored. These expressions are so minute, it often takes a trained eye to detect. The expression and change in gaze appear as the lie is told.

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Look for Physical Changes

Telltale signs of lying include flushes of redness on the chest, neck, ears and cheeks. Sweaty palms, shifting gazes, and over the top gestures are indicators of lies. Some may become fidgety and restless. A forced or fake smile is a sure sign of deception.

The ability to tell when someone is lying is a great way to protect yourself in professional circumstances and relationships. While not always possible, you can train yourself to pick up on the finer details from verbal to non-verbal cues. If someone is lying to you, with these simple tips, you can quickly spot the deception.