What Do Men REALLY Want In a Relationship

Are you in a relationship for years or getting into one? It is really helpful to know what men are really looking for in a relationship. There is a wrong perception that men only want sex, but this is not accurate.

If you want a long-lasting, fruitful relationship, then it is important you understand how a man’s mind works.

Emotional Intimacy

This is a really important point to understand. In our society, men are taught from a very young age to be emotionally strong. They are taught that real men don’t cry. Unfortunately, we perceive it as their “weakness” if they doubt themselves or complain about anything in their life. Women need to understand that men are humans and they are sensitive as well.


No matter how old they get, they have a little bit of boyish behavior in them. When a woman points out every mistake her partner makes, it can start creating troubles in their relationship. What men want is acceptance – they want you to accept them as they are. If you do that, they will try their best to become better.



A man takes time to open up to his partner and this is where his partner has to show support. When he tries to open up to you by sharing his problems or fear, don’t think low of him or mishandled the situation, make sure you provide a safe place for him to fall. He will expose the chink in his armor and that’s where you need to help him.

Personal Space

It is observed that men take the decision to end relationships or marriages when they are pushed to such an extent that they’re forced to make such a big decision. A man does not feel confident or happy when his partner controls his life. Men like to have personal space. If you force him to spend more time with you, he will start to drift away… unintentionally!!!


Although most men wouldn’t agree with it, but there is no denying men have an ego problem (women have it as well). They want/like frequent reassurances about themselves, their career, their choices, their sexual prowess, their attractiveness, and many other things. So the point is that you don’t have to hold back… just praise them and notice how their entire mood changes.


There is a wrong perception that all men want is a physical touch. It is entirely wrong. You don’t have to make drastic changes to provide everything that a man wants from a relationship. Keep your relationship fun and make sure that a trust built. He will open up sooner or later. Listen to what he says to you and give him personal space.