Ways to Calm Down Your Anxiety

Although many people are affected by anxiety, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be controlled. Proper strategies can be really helpful in reducing the effects of anxiety. So, how can someone calm down anxiety when everything seems out of control?

Here are some ways that can assist you in calming down and stopping anxiety attacks:

Distract Yourself

You might be wondering how distracting can help someone in calming down their anxiety. But this is actually a really effective way to reduce anxiety. It is because thinking nervously is one of the main reasons behind causing and fueling most anxiety attacks. When you distract your attention from something that is making you feel anxious, you’re actually preventing your mind from overthinking. You can do different stuff to distract your mind such as organizing the table, drinking water, playing video games etc.

Breathe In and Out

This is one of the most widely followed ways to stop anxiety. Deep breathing can be really helpful in calming you down. Although breathing exercises can be helpful, it is best if you focus only on evenly inhaling and exhaling. Doing so will help you in slowing down your heart rate and re-centering your mind.


Listen to Music

Music helps in calming the mind and body of the listener. There are many apps that help by providing tranquility to the mind and body through soothing music. However, the next time you feel your anxiety levels are rising then simply start listening to music that you love. It is recommended to listen to music that is not too loud. But then again, it all depends on what genre of music you like.

Watch a Funny Video

This can be your first or last tactic to calm down your anxiety. Simply cue up clips of anything that you find funny. Be it funny animal videos or stand-up comedy, you can reduce the anxiety through laughter. According to research, humor can be really helpful in lowering anxiety levels and is beneficial to a person’s mental health and well-being.


You have to understand that there is absolutely no quick fix for anxiety. It takes time and can be a little difficult path for you. But don’t give up and keep on trying to focus on good things in your life. Make sure you avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine because they can really fuel your anxiety attack. It is best if you meditate and there is no harm in asking for professional help if you think that things are getting out of control.