How to Make Your Relationship Last!

You meet someone and you instantly fall in love with that person. You start a relationship and you want it to last. But it is becoming extremely difficult to hold on to it.

It is important to realize that nothing is perfect and the road to a healthy relationship has its own fair share of bumps. What matters the most is how you navigate those bumps and enjoy a smooth ride. In reality, no relationship is perfect. Think of a relationship as a car that you are driving on a highway. Without proper maintenance, the car will break down at some point.

So, here are a few things you need to do in your relationship to ensure that the car doesn’t break down.

Do not “Plan” Your Relationship

You just cannot plan your relationship. We repeat…do not plan your relationship! The reason why we are emphasizing so much on this point is that many people make the big mistake of planning their relationship. Of course, you can plan a few big things such as ceremonies, vacations etc. but when people start building blueprints of their relationship, things start to fall apart. It is mainly because of what we just mentioned at the start, “life is full of unexpected events”. Successful relationships are built on absolutely zero blueprints. The bottom line is that just be passionate and spontaneous!



When there are three exclamation marks used after the word “forgive”, then you must’ve realized the importance of this point. The harsh fact of life is that everyone makes mistakes (that includes you as well). You cannot expect any relationship to thrive if you keep on holding grudges. Do not keep a record of your partner’s mistakes and start learning to forgive them.

Do Not Set Unrealistic Expectations

There is no doubt that everyone enters a relationship with some sort of expectations. And hey, we’re not saying that there is no need to set any expectations at all. What we’re saying is that don’t expect something that your partner cannot deliver. Needless to say, setting unrealistic expectations result in disappointments and that lead to a sorry ending of a relationship.

Develop Individual Interests

Imagine that you and your partner have lots of common interest. This makes things a little boring, wouldn’t it? It is best to develop your own interests so that you guys have more to talk about and even have new things to try.

Refrain From Criticism, Offer Solutions

It is obvious that your partner comes to you to share his/her problem and asks for a solution. Instead of criticizing your partner for initiating the problem, always try to seek for the best solutions. You have to understand that you need to send a clear message to your partner that “I am always here for you.”


It is not a piece of cake to maintain a relationship. It surely takes a lot of effort and dedication. If you truly love your partner and want to spend the rest of your life with him/her, you better start paying close attention to small details. You will make mistakes (we all do), but remember that you can truly make a relationship last by putting in an extra effort. Stay happy and hold on to what you love.