Types of Men Should You Never Date!

No man or woman is perfect and everyone has negative traits in them. However, there has to be a limit, right? When it comes to dating, we all try to be open to the idea of dating people with different personalities. That’s why we are ready to compromise on a few things in search of a long-lasting relationship. Nevertheless, there are some types of men you should never date.

This means that no matter how charming or attractive he is, if he fits into one of the following types then simply eliminate the possibility of dating him (it’s for your own good).

The Liar

He will paint a great picture of his life to impress you. This means that he will lie about his relationships, job, salary, and everything that is related to his life. The reason why you should never date a liar is that you can never truly trust him. He can lie to you at any given moment. So, it’s a big ‘No’ if he is a liar.


The Mama’s Boy

Ok, it is not a bad thing if he takes care of his mother (it is actually a good sign). However, if his mother is making all the decisions of his life then there has to be no chance of dating him. After all, this shows a lack of confidence and over-reliance.

The Flirt

He is hot and super charming. He knows how to make you fall in love with him along with many other girls as well. One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t date him is that you can never expect to be his priority. If he is free and in the mood to have some fun, he’ll call you. If he has better options, he’ll come up with thousands of excuses to not be with you. Needless to say, he will just play with you until he gets bored.


The Needy One

Although these types of men are not as bad as the ones mentioned above, dating a needy guy is like giving an open invitation to future problems. He is too clingy and will constantly text you or will ask you to meet him every day. In other words, he will stick to you like a parasite. He is somewhat similar to the obsessed type but a little less harmful. Nevertheless, don’t date him!

The Rebound Guy

He is dating you to just get over his ex. He not only talks a lot about his ex but is also obsessed with her. He has clearly not forgotten his ex and wants to forget her by dating you. Or worst case scenario is that he is dating you to make his ex jealous. In both cases, you are going to suffer.


When it comes to dating men, take your time and choose wisely. Otherwise, you’ll create a wrong perception about men. All men are not the same. There are good, caring guys out there. Keep your eyes and brain open and don’t date above-mentioned types.