There are many hilarious surveillance camera recordings, but this particular one is the best.

It is so common to all of us, we all want to know how we look and also try to look decent when we realized we are being captured by the security cameras. We might even admire ourselves or fix a tie to our hair while looking at the monitor.

However, a body builder kept flexing himself all over and over again as soon as he noticed that he was being captured on the camera. He just wanted to show off his muscle probably to the officer behind the security camera because he loved the way his muscles look on the screen. Little did he know that he was being watched by the security officer behind the camera, his actions were shared and had spread to various news outlet throughout the world. This got people laughing even with the body builder that was captured by the security camera. Moreover, guess what, he is here to tell us the motivations behind his actions.

The tape started thus; the bodybuilder entered into a convenience store – to get some grocery and collect some protein foods – and immediately noticed a security camera. There was some sort of packages when he realized that he was being captured by the camera.

Source: Body builder talks getting caught on camera flexing by internetroi on Rumble


“When I see a reflection in a window or a car window, I will flex – I am not shy” conceded the body builder. He told Fox news is always ready to tell anyone who wants to know about his muscles

“hence I entered into the grocery store looking for a coffee, and then I noticed that there was a monitor and I felt like flexing.”

However, the tape was not really captured on a surveillance camera so to say, the body builder revealed to Fox news, his girlfriend was holding a camera high up with a selfie stick with the camera working with an application that makes it look like it is a surveillance camera. Although he might have fooled the entire viewers, it is definitely a hilarious video after all.

The body builder is from Dublin, Ireland and when he told the Fox news presenters that he had a girlfriend, many were disappointed.

Many individuals commented and here were some of the popular ones as streamed on Fox News;

“check out the beta males in the comment section, “uhh but demz steriodz” yea whiny sod, even when you take steroids, you will still have to visit the gym center and workout, invest your effort, your time, sweat, food, and discipline.

Even if you try to inject yourself with steroids in front of a monitor, you will not be getting any muscle. Some of the best description of an “ideal body physique” all emanate from steroid users.”

Many others also left comments on his YouTube channel:

“Bringing humor to the world of bodybuilding, I love it. Please make hilarious videos; I subscribe to this!”

“I have got a friend that acts like this, he does not do bodybuilding though but, he still trains a lot.”

What’s your say about this hilarious video? Have you ever been caught flexing on security camera like this body builder?