Panicked Woman Runs to Rite Aid to Pay $990 Court Fine, But Her Manager Says ‘You are Being Swindled.’

It all began with a voicemail and ended in a Rite Aid in the vicinity for Cara O’Conner. The sufferings she passed through made her want to share the story behind it and also caution others of a similar ordeal.

One afternoon, Cara received a voicemail after she had missed a call from an unknown caller, it says; “This is Sgt. Smith Scott with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office, we want to get in touch with Cara O’Conner. Please get back to us as soon as you are opportune.”

Cara began to lose her nerve, as any other person would. She immediately put a call through and received some shocking news from the officer.

It was at that point that Cara remembered that she had gone against a court command, she did not show up for the duty as part of the panel of judges, and that two arrest warrant had been given out in search for Cara.

Sgt. Smith that was mentioned earlier, the man at the receiving end of the call, knew everything about her – and also the information about her family members

He called her back and told her that she had two fines that she had not paid, of which the total is $990. If she does not want to be arrested, she had to pay the fines. However, Cara had no money then, and because of that, the sergeant told her to visit a Rite Aid and request for a treasury voucher.

Cara, who was trying to avoid arrest, quickly rushed to the Rite Aid. On her way, she was stopped by a store manager who knew what she wanted to do.

It was the store manager who told her that she was being duped according to Cara.

Do you want to know what actually happened to Cara? Watch it in the video below. She sends out a warning to those that read and viewed her story that if anyone should find himself or herself in such situation like that, do not provide them with any information. Hang up the call immediately and don’t call back!