Teen Finally Got to Know Her Birth Mother. Cops Are Horrified at What Mom Responded with.

A sixteen-year-old Savannah Leckie had always wanted to know who her birth mother is, she conducted some inquiries and found out that her birth mother was Rebecca Ruud.

Even though Leckie got no issues with her adoptive parents, she loves them, but yet, Leckie always wanted to meet her birth mother by birth. Most adopted kids always want to meet the woman that gave birth to them anyway. Leckie always knew that there are numerous things she would learn from her birth mother. Her biological mum would teach her more about herself, also nurture her to become the woman she would become someday. With the support of her adoptive parents, she contacted Ruud and arranged a reunion with her. She anticipated this day but this day turned out to be bloody as Rebecca Ruud was alleged to kill her biological daughter deliberately. She is now charged with a first-degree murder and some other charges.

The 16-year old girl’s body which was a concrete evidence for the murder was found in a fire pit at Ruud’s real estate. So, Ruud was charged with Murder.

Apart from that, she was also charged with child abuse which led to Leckie’s death, second-degree murder and felony murder, messing around with proofs and abandoning a corpse

Ruud’s property was investigated after Leckie was found missing. She was recently meeting with Ruud when the incident happened.

Evidence found include Leckie’s teeth, bone fragment, a meat grinder, a knife that has been cleaned of any DNA traces and 26 bottles of lye. The lye mainly used to hasten the decomposition of Leckie’s tissue. After all, she had done so well to hide the corpse of her biological daughter as much as she could.

Confirming that the body parts belong to Leckie were an easy task for the detectives from the DNA test.

Aside a lot of evidence of the crime committed, Ruud’s love partner at the time gave his account of him seeing Ruud forcing Leckie through a hog pen and making her bathe in pond water just as a means of punishment.

Even though Leckie was adopted at birth, throughout her childhood, she maintained contact with Ruud. The divorce of her adoptive parents in November 2016 made her decide to live with Rudd permanently.

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This sort of action made the police really shocked as they could not believe that a mother can do such thing to her own daughter.

“This is going to be a hard and long investigation, and it is going to last for several months. The process yesterday had to be hastened because of the flight risk with one of the key suspect in the form of Ruud. This happened way before we were ready for it.” This was what the Ozark County Sheriff Darrin Reed told Ozark County Times. “We were with the prosecutors last night working, and we have continued all day today. It is a really tough case. It has been tough on us all”.

Ruud was employed as a Theodosia Area VFD firefighter. She called in a fire on her real estate on July 19. The first fireman that came to the scene reported that he saw a young woman who he was pretty sure must have been Savannah at the estate. While present at the scene, Ruud showed a burn which she had gotten from another brush fire. The wound was treated with the first aid kit that was in the bus. She posted a photo of her wound; she wrote; “a brush fire got out of control last two days and I was injured, Savannah kept blaming herself, and I think that is the reason why she ran away.”

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