Man Calls Out Friends At 3 Am Because He Sure He Was About To Die And Didn't Want To Go Out Lonely And Unloved

Conan Soranno, a photographer based in LA, sent a heartbreaking last post on Facebook

The Fledgling mum suffered horrendous injuries in an explosion. She was deserted by her husband two weeks later and left without a roof over her head.

A man's sad concluding Facebook post recounts how he dialed friends at 3 am since he realized he was about to die and he did not want to die alone

Conan Soranno had been battling with issues health for some time now, due to a motorbike accident, his friends explained

As a photographer located in Los Angeles, he had documented his challenges from having to pay for healthcare online to selling his car in command to afford rent.



Weeks before he deceased, Conan said he was "coughing up buckets of blood" but could not afford the hospital bill

"I called folks at 3 am so I would not die alone," he penned on Facebook.

My reason for not going to the hospital was that I could not peddle my jeep, if I did, then I would not be able to pay rent. 

"Really heartbreaking that some of us have to make choices like this one- Hospital or homeless."

Friends established that Conan passed on shortly after his last Facebook post aged 39.

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